Dyslexia Overlays - A5 Assorted Pack - Blue, Yellow, Green & Red Sheet

A5 Assorted Pack - 4 Sheets

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  • 📘 MAKE READING EASIER - These simple portable aids are ideal for any situation as they can help support the visual cortex by filtering oversensitive wavelengths.
  • 📙 REDUCE VISUAL STRESS - The coloured overlays can be used for quick simple one off tasks to daily late night reading or regular computer usage.
  • 📗 IMPROVE READING SPEED AND ACCURACY - They can improve the reader's ability to analyse visual information and reduce migraines and headaches.
  • 📕 SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES - From primary school children, to college students and must have office aids for adults.
  • 📏 READING OVERLAYS FOR DYSLEXIA - Assorted A5 Pack - 148mm x 210mm PVC Sheets, 180 Microns Thick