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Here are some things our customers have said about our coloured overlays:

“Helps my son out loads seeing words under certain colours really stand out! Would definitely recommend!” ★★★★★

“Made a huge difference to my daughter’s reading” ★★★★★

Coloured overlays can sometimes be useful for individuals suffering from Dyslexia and Irlen’s syndrome. Some individual’s with Irlen’s syndrome prefer dim lighting. We would recommend that you seek advice from an expert however for best use of our reading overlays we would recommend that you try to read in natural light if possible whilst avoiding any glare.

Care and Maintenance

It’s important for the overlays to be thin and flexible for a good reading experience however to make sure that they last here are a few things you can do:

1.Keep the overlay flat and support it with the palm of your hand when turning a page.

2.To avoid scratches, try to store flat and do not to rub or cause friction against other objects such as a table top.

3.If you have a fluffy jumper, roll your sleeves up to avoid transfer. However, if you need to you can clean them with Anti-static wipes or a lint-free cloth.

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